Here’s what people are saying about Problem Child!

STRONG COMIC PERFORMANCES AT RED Sandcastle Theatre. Please go see Ash Catherwood, Katerina Taxia, Kevin Charles Hopper, and Janet Bailey in this wonderfully dark and uproarious comedy. I laughed myself silly. I know it’s cold, but you won’t regret going to this one. These actors are something special. And all four act together beautifully.  ~Burke Campbell

This show is phenomenal! The performances, the direction and the sheer humanity of the piece shine through. From the razor sharp comic timing to the wonderful pacing, I thoroughly enjoyed the work. Congrats ! ~Tom Anastasios

@nightshiftth8r : AWESOME play! SPOT ON direction, acting, set…. Suckerpunching theatre! #problemchildTO See the last performance 2 moro! ~ Pip Dwyer

Happy to support the energy, drive, courage and bloody hard work in getting such a demanding piece to the stage. Kudos to all involved. ~Patricia Casey

Great work today! Loved the show. You were so amazing!! Hope many can check it out at 922 Queen Street Feb 22 – 26 ~James Manderville

To tackle such a harsh story and still have humanity shine on through was a triumph! Congratulations to all the cast & crew! ~John Coburn

Kat, saw the show tonight and it was amazing!  Great job on the production.  The cast was great and your performance was very grounded and raw.  I really enjoyed it. ~Karen KC

So great to spend a cold Feb night seeing some great Canadian theatre  ~Marco Timpano

Going to see NightShift Theatre‘s Problem Child tonight and super looking forward to watching Katerina Taxia kick some Walker ass.  ~Amanda Baker

So glad I caught tonight with the fabulous ! Only 4 shows left – tix here:  ~Melissa D’Agostino

Yesterday I saw PROBLEM CHILD, a play by George F. Walker, at the Red Sandcastle. Very well acted, but it is a very dark comedy. Katerina Taxia was outstanding in the lead role and Kevin Charles Hopper was great as a drunk. Maybe it was method acting, eh Kev? It’s running tomorrow till next Saturday (all evenings at 8:00), only 70 minutes with no intermission. Go — and support small indie theatre. ~Merle Garbe

Had a great time with my friends, watching Katerina’s play, “Problem Child” last night. I invite all my Facebook friends to support this worthy production. Hats off! ~Dean Antonakes

Amazing show, amazing actors! Great job tonight  ~Tina Antidormi

Awesome job in Problem Child, Katerina Taxia! Great play, great acting. I really enjoyed it! ~Allison Own-Anderson

#problemchildTo was so fun! Totally worth the $20! If you get the chance, go see it! 🙂 ~Niki Chouinard

this is great production of a great play!  ~Rosemary Doyle

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